Odjel za ekologiju, agronomiju i akvakulturu

The Department of Ecology, Agronomy and Aquaculture started working in 2006 when the first academic staff was employed. Undergraduate study Applied Ecology in Agriculture started in 2010. Agricultural production is observed in a different way from the conventional ones, which includes an integrated and environmentally friendly approach in the Mediterranean environment. Emphasis is placed on the ecological component and on management rather than exploitation. Due to the importance of blue sector development with sustainability and the protection of aquatic ecosystems, the undergraduate study Underwater Science and Technologies was developed through EU project (TEMPUS JEP_41082_2006 Underwater Science and Technologies). In addition, regarding the need for the growth and development of fisheries and aquaculture based on scientific foundations, with sustainability in terms of economic and ecological indicators, the first graduate study, Sustainable Management of Aquatic Ecosystems, belonging to the biotechnical area of science at the University of Zadar started in 2017. The development and launch of a mentioned graduate study was one of the main goals of the EU project Blue Education for Sustainable Management of Aquatic Resources BLUE SMART, co-financed by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.